About us

A family business with more than 40 years of experience in preparing traditional, down-to-earth cuisine, made with passion and served with style. Originally from Germany, we combine traditional German recipes with modern elements of food truck cuisine. Our commitment: create simply delicious homemade food - sourced from the island.

Regular Locations

Red Arrow Brewery

Polkey Rd/Roberts Rd

Cobble Hill Farmer’s Market

Single Events

7th / 14th / 28th of August
7pm to 10pm

Wine Down Wednesday in August
City Square Duncan

Thursday 9th of August
11am to 7pm

Averill Creek Winery
6552 N Rd, Duncan, BC V9L 6K9

Saturday and Sunday
17th / 18th of August
10am to 7pm/4pm

Lake Cowichan 75th Celebration
Town of Lake Cowichan

Wendsday 21st of August
6pm to 9pm

Fundraiser – ‘No Biogas Here’ at the Enrico Winery
3280 Telegraph Rd, Mill Bay, BC

Friday to Sunday
23rd to 25th of August

Gord Closson Oldtimers Fall Classic
at Waldon Park in Glenora

Island Food Box Menu

Schnitzel on a bun - Dynamite Style

Blasts you away

Dynamite Style

Schnitzel, bacon and lettuce, all on a delicious bun and topped with our homemade spicy sauce

Schnitzel on a bun - Hawaiian Style

Sweet and tasty

Hawaiian Style

Schnitzel, pineapple, ham, cheese and lettuce, all on a delicious bun

Schnitzel on a bun - Canadian Style

Red and white

Canadian Style

Schnitzel, bacon, cheese and lettuce, all on a delicious bun

Bratwurst on a bun - a german favorite

Traditional German

Bratwurst on a bun

Delicious German Bratwurst with homemade Sauerkraut on a bun

Spice your Bratwurst up with our homemade curry sauce

With homemade curry sauce

Bratwurst sausage

Delicious German Bratwurst sliced, smothered with our homemade spicy curry sauce

Make it a deal - add fries and a drink

Just a quick bite

Snacks & drinks

We also offer an assortment of snacks and drinks to deal with hunger of any size!

Want a full menu?

Make it a deal!

Add french fries and a drink to any of our delicious main dishes!

Download our menu here


Planning a birthday, anniversary, wedding, company event, a summer or winter party? Perhaps your location won't have power or water? Why not order your own food truck? Not your style? You'd be surprised. Smartly dressed in black shirt and tie, we serve your meals on porcelain dishes. Our food truck shines black and gold, with a TV screen and festive lights all around. Make something special of your event! Try our homemade food on coloured buns (100% natural, no artificial colours or flavours) or choose our flying buffet.

Contact us and let‘s discuss the possibilities!

Holger and Thor


Our packing is 100% compostable - boxes, cutlery and cups. For our catering, we use glasses or porcelain.

Quality of food & food source

Our commitment: create simply delicious homemade food - sourced from the island, where possible.